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After a busy few days around and about I am at home today, putting more notes into my latest competition entry.  As seems to be rather common, I am fighting with various ideas about the harmony, not always entirely sure what I am doing, but edging little by little towards some kind of coherence as I go along.

I have also had the very pleasurable task of selecting some new Folio books this morning, for the Occam Singers very kindly gave me some vouchers to see me on my way.  They were generous enough to enable me to buy enough volumes to fill a decent amount of shelf space, pride of place in the Occam section going to Beowulf.  I have spent enough time digging into Wagner’s operas to have spent several hours snuffling around in the sagas of various heros of past ages, and cannot wait to get my teeth into this, especially as the Old English is included alongside Heaney’s translation.  I once sat within touching distance of Heaney at a dinner when I was an undergraduate, and have to admit to having been star struck.

A meeting to discuss a proposal for a piece did not quite happen yesterday, but maybe another time.  Meanwhile, though, Mary Abbots will be giving the first and second performances of my arrangement of This Joyful Eastertide on Easter Day.  I’ve sent it out to a few other people to see if they might pick it up as well, but it is good news indeed.  I might even wheel out the (ahem) award-winning Festive Voluntary to play over the Easter weekend.

The piece on which I am working at the moment, a competition entry, needs to be finished within the next couple of days, and I am concerned that I am forcing things a little, aware also that the more I get down, the more material I have to play with.  It has yet to reach that tipping point where the various compositional directions come clear, but the intention is very much to send this piece out to potential performers, whether successful or not.  In fact, I should probably be writing music now, rather than tapping away on this blog.  See you anon.