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Who says people cannot work from home?  I was in the office (my attic) early this morning, and have worked a little late, and did pretty much the same yesterday.  All this means that my latest piece, a competition entry, is close to finished, and I have the weekend to tidy the details before it heads out into the big, bad, competitive world on Monday.

It has taken some hammering into shape, but at least it now possesses some shape, whereas before it was just a collection of ideas seeking some degree of coherence.  As I have said here before, I would like this piece to double as a “proper” work, so the intention is to send it out to interested parties if it does not do well in its competition.

Yesterday I went out to Blackheath in the afternoon and gave a short talk about Lenten music.  Fear not, I was invited to do so.  It is not as though I stood on my soapbox in the middle of the village shouting at passers-by about settings of O Vos Omnes.  By all accounts the talk went down well, and I have my fingers crossed that I might be invited back.  While I only infrequently listen to my own music, I do rather like the sound of my own voice, and love talking about anything musical.

For these classes I travel with dongle, netbook and small speakers, meaning that I can stream a vast range of music out of the ether, so much easier than carting various CD box sets around the capital.  At some point I am going to have to upgrade my antiquated computer equipment, but not quite yet.  I think I can eke a few more years out of it all yet.

It is just as well that most of the work on my new piece is done, for I have a busy weekend to come and detail work is pretty much all I will be able to do.  I do not think that there are any performances of my music this weekend, but we will be digging into I Hear, And Am Elated with the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir tomorrow, and I am pleased to see that the piece is aging well, even if it is only two years old.

It is time to down blogging tools for the weekend.  I’ve picked up some new visitors during February (welcome!) and hope to continue to do the same during March and beyond.  See you next week.