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It is somewhere between four and five in the morning and I am having real trouble sleeping, to the extent that I have decided to do something vaguely constructive and write today’s blog entry while I sip a cup of green tea, all in the hope that tiredness might overcome me once more before the bin men whistle their way up and down my road discussing yesterday’s football/episode of East Enders/current European economic crisis.

Based on what was said to me yesterday, I am hoping for a commission to drop into my inbox at some point later today for a decent sized work, one of those I have referred to recently as being on the cusp of being confirmed.  While the details of the work apparently wait to be bashed out, in principle we are going ahead with a piece, and need to discuss what that piece will be.  I have my own ideas, but, as always, it is the needs of the commissioner which come first.  After a few weeks sans commission I am glad to be in the situation where I will hopefully have not one but two pieces on the go, banishing, if only for a time, those doubts that maybe one day it will all go quiet.  Of course, performances of I Hear, And Am Elated, This Joyful Eastertide and Festive Voluntary in the next fortnight mean that any quietness will not arrive for a while yet, so, in theory, I should be able to sleep easy in my bed.

I also had a very strange experience yesterday, finding myself in a position where, at the end of a singing lesson, I had five minutes to spare, and so my student suggested a sing-through of an opera chorus, one of his Desert Island Discs.  Whereas for thee and me this would mean some hypothetical list of what we might choose were we ever to be invited onto the programme, for this person we were discussing one of his actual choices, made when he was on the programme in 2002.  I think that, together with performing the Peers’ Chorus from Iolanthe with genuine peers, this will go into the part of my mind marked “quirky memories”, fun too.

This blog has been picking up a little attention in the past couple of days, and, as always, I am grateful for readers, rebloggers and anybody else who comes along, genuinely heartened and possibly a little baffled that people find these scribblings interesting enough to read, in some cases on a regular basis.  At times like this (04:57 on a Wednesday morning) I like the idea that I am not just sitting here doing the internet equivalent of howling at the moon.  With commissions and performances to come I like to think that my music is also reaching some interested parties as well.  Whatever time you get up, or even if you are already awake, I hope you have a wonderful day.