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It is the middle of Easter Day and I am between services at Mary Abbots.  This Joyful Eastertide has been thrust upon an unsuspecting world in Hampstead and Kensington today, and the Festive Voluntary will join it later on, alongside a third performance of TJE.

This time of year can be busy for church musicians, and the coinciding of Easter Day with British Summer Time is particularly sadistic this time around, but, barring two sleeping tenors upstairs in the choir room, there is little evidence of the havoc this should have wrought.  It has been a decent day for my music, and I am looking forward to getting some quality writing done in the quietness of the coming week.

In any case, this entry is not really about performances, composition or any such thing, not even the epic game of Catan I had yesterday afternoon.  Instead Dylan the cat got dressed up in his best and wanted to wish everybody a Happy Easter.

Have a purrfect holiday.

Have a purrfect holiday.