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I have allowed myself a couple of days off after the Easter break, and also skedaddled out of London, returning home yesterday evening to two very hungry cats who then proceeded to chase each other around the house in celebration at high speed…at gone two in the morning.  There is such joy in owning pets, at least for the pets.

Handy to get out of The Smoke for a couple of days as well, clear the head and all that.  It meant that my folk song arrangement was running a few days over time, but it has been finished, tidied, extracted and packed off this morning, giving a decent amount of time before its first performance, a private affair in a couple of weeks time.

I have also managed to get my sweaty little mitts on fellow blogger John Morton’s book the composer/arranger and having been dipping in and out of it avidly over the past few days, drinking in the new ideas which are there in abundance.  Although it is still very early in my relationship with this book, I have a strong feeling that it will sit with the Persichetti, Brindle and Piston volumes next to my writing desk, for it is a genuinely strong complement to those three, and certainly covers many areas and techniques (most obviously jazz) which those older books omit. Without a doubt, at the price listed on Amazon it represents a substantial bargain.

My next project, apart from trying to shift the weight I have gained due to my post-Easter overeating, looks to be the viola piece, which I can now return to before a meeting next week to discuss my latest commission.  Despite having taken some time off from the viola work in order to complete the folk song arrangement, I am optimistic of being able to pick up the threads in fairly short order, and I have time over the next few days in which to get this work done.