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I am being quite productive at the moment, undoubtedly a good thing, for the tinkering with bits of music for the Parliament Choir concert shows no signs of slowing down and a worrying desire to do just the opposite.  I have spent the morning working on an orchestration of the Frank Lambert song She Is Far From The Land, and have managed to get the whole thing done – score, parts, proof reading, the lot – in just over two hours, which is a pretty decent work rate, I think.

It would be easy to sit back and let the various deadlines get closer before attacking these things, but I know that Anghiari is on the horizon, with all the work that entails, and the more quickly these bits of arranging and orchestration are dispatched, the more quickly I will be able to devote myself to the new string and choral pieces.  In the meantime the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir begin a new set of rehearsals soon, the programme including I Hear, And Am Elated once again, now surely close to double figures in terms of performances.

There is much to do and much still to be done, but it is gratifying to have writing sitting in my inbox, especially after a relatively quiet period only a month ago.