The song, so I am told, tells us that the beginning is a very good place to start, but that is not always the case when it comes to putting together a piece of music.  Elgar would often start with the climax of his piece and then work towards it, gradually assembling a work as he understood where his sketches lay in the grand scheme of tensions, releases, highs and lows, while Brahms was apparently one of those rare cases who did indeed start at the beginning and then work onwards from there.

I mention this because I continued jotting down ideas for my new string piece yesterday, spending most of those stolen minutes working on what I eventually came to realise was the end of the work.  In the morning it was part of the first movement, but it shifted southwards over the hours and is now the concluding statement.  Again I did the groundwork away from the piano and then, unable to contain my excitement, had a quick listen, and it was encouragingly near the target, although work still needs to be done.

The warmest feeling comes from knowing that this sound world in which I am working is something I would have had more difficulty controlling only a month ago, although perhaps it is fairer to say that I would have been changing that world more readily and with less sense of direction.  For now, though, the piece feels encouragingly solid and the sketches have potential to be developed in many ways, wherever they might end up.