Up and at ’em this morning bright and early, despite my computer’s unwillingness to do pretty much anything asked of it.  With my playing and directing work out of the way for a couple of days the time has come to knuckle down to writing and arranging, so, bins done and cats fed, I was at my desk at 7 and have cleared at least part of the decks, catching up on emails and doing various bits of tapping away on Sibelius.

I am hoping to have my current stint of arranging completed by the weekend, although will will require a fair degree of effort, so I would not be surprised to see this work bleed over into the beginning of next week.  Even so, this would still see the various scores and parts complete and sent out over two weeks before they are needed, which cannot be too shabby.

In stolen moments, on tubes and awaiting students, I have continued to sketch out ideas for the new string piece, sometimes harmonising melodies and, at other times, melodising harmonies, if such a phrase exists.  Although melody or harmony may be in the ascendant at any one time, subjugating the other, the proportions are in a constant state of flux, and a composer needs to be aware of what is happening at any given moment, ready also to invert his or her way of thinking if the current one is not working out.

Yesterday’s sketches will belong to the first, more lyrical movement, I think, as the original melody is subject to a transformation which expands its intervals, those wider leaps giving it a greater emotional intensity, which makes it clear that these latest scribbles will sit on or near the climax of the movement.  It is unusual for me to put a piece together in such a piecemeal fashion, but it seems to be bearing fruit at the moment, and the sound is interesting, to me, at least.

As mentioned above, though, to the end of this week my focus will be on arranging, although I have heard, second hand, about some interest in one of my older chamber works.  This recent shift away from a focus on choral works is fine by me, and exactly what I was seeking to achieve at the start of the year.