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And on it rumbles.  A conversation on Sunday led to the phrase “possible commission” being used, and this was followed up by an email, so it looks as though there might be yet another decent sized piece to write before the end of the year.  The competitions are taking a back seat at the moment, but that is not a worry when there is proper get-your-teeth-into-it writing to be done.

I still need to clear the arrangements and orchestrations, however, and, having piled through my emails this morning, am just about to spend some time attempting to bring a piano part to life.  Even so, I am still taking the opportunity to sketch here and there, and am filling out basic harmonic charts for the Exeter College commission, even this early in the process.

Fascinatingly this commission looks like taking me into some unexplored areas, and not just musical ones, and I think that I shall have to become conversant with the pronunciation of Old English, or at least what we believe it is.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it does appear that a little knowledge in this area might come in very useful in the assembling of a text which will need to be spot on.  It will also come in wonderfully handy for reading my lovely edition of Beowulf, not that there is anything wrong with Heaney’s translation, I am sure, but there is something evocative about being able to read it in its original sound.

The Missa Seria is being performed at St. George’s on Sunday, and the Missa Sancti Nicolai looks like making its way onto the music list at Christ Church Hampstead at some point in June as well.  Throw in that people are considering Blow, blow, thou winter wind and the Suite for two clarinets for pre-summer outings and it looks like being a good period for performances of my works, thoroughly heartening.

The time will come, probably over the post-Anghiari summer break, when I shall sit down and take stock of where things stand.  I have blogged often about exciting things being about to happen, I am sure, and have been forcefully reminded at many points as a writer that assurances mean nothing unless put into action, but still, but still.  Let us see where the next few months lead, and it will be up to me to ensure that my technique and craft are able to keep pace.  It is time for a swift espresso, and then to arranging.