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It feels good to get back to some proper writing, actually put some notes down onto paper.  It is not that I have done nothing over the past three weeks, more that I have not been able to sit down and give things a decent session for a while.

Having had my Exeter text approved I got straight on with the business of carving out some decent sketches.  Yesterday this involved marking the main structural points of the work, which in this case, translated, means where the main theme tends to make its most important appearances, and writing down my harmonic scheme for the piece.  In this, as in my other recent writing, I am following John Morton’s advice, though subtly tweaked for my own needs, and have a couple of pages of chords, modes other niceties from which to narrow down my palette.

Alongside this, of course, there is the string piece, and my intent at the moment is to write the two works alongside each other.  From experience I know that works continue to assemble in my head even when I am not at my desk, and it is probable that alternating work on these two pieces, while something I have not done for a while, might just end up being quite constructive, allowing one piece to develop quietly in the background while the other is in the forefront, having notes put down on paper or being transcribed onto Sibelius.

In terms of deadlines this is all promising to be rather luxurious.  Both works need to be finished by the end of the summer, and I am hoping to have at least the main body of both in place by the end of this month.  Of course, there is many a slip and all that, but it is still worth aiming for, and I am very confident that my rate of work is going to be significantly higher in June than in May.

As I write this my builder and his henchman are next door, and the bathroom is beginning to look like a bathroom once more.  Thanks to the best efforts of suppliers (mainly) this has been a massively stressful experience once again, and I shall learn from this for next time.  However, I hear sneaky reports that my soon-to-be-bathroom is becoming the envy of neighbours up and down the road.  Maybe one day I will be able to use it and soak away a day’s writing while the notes swim around in my head.  There is the promise of a good acoustic in there as well, so maybe I’ll be able to come up with my own Water Music at some point.