Eventually we made it to Anghiari.  We had been moved on by the police in Ischia, and then made our way up the spine of Italy, braving hail, thunderstorms and, of course, the native traffic.  After six hours in the coach, plus the ferry before that, we finally arrived and, for the players and for me, it was straight into rehearsal and the hospitality of the locals.

I feel as though I am welcomed back like an old friend, as this is now the fourth Festival of which I have been a part, and it is lovely to see familiar faces here.  Not all of them are Italian, for many of the orchestra’s followers make the trip out here to enjoy the food, wine, company and music.

Today is the first day of the Festival proper and I have just finished writing and translating my introductions for the day.  We rehearsed this morning, there is a concert at 5, then another rehearsal and then another performance at 9.  The weather does appear ominously unsettled, though, which is a worry for all the lovely outdoor performances we have planned, so we shall just have to see how we go.

I have continued to plan my own pieces as things have gone along, though my intended early morning was sacrificed in favour of trying to make up for lost sleep yesterday and the day before.  It is good to scribble now and again, and although I know that the amount of work to do here is going to increase exponentially over the next few days, I have still carved out an hour here and there of me-time.  It is important to keep the rhythm going.