For the first time in a long while I am up bright and early.  There is no doubt that I am at my most productive with an early start, but the nature of my freelance life does mean that much of my work falls in the afternoons and evenings, and these two elements live an existence of constant to and fro.  Bin day is clearly useful for something, though, and I have been up for a few hours, finishing an arrangement for the Parliament Choir concert next week and getting on with a few other niceties.  The only minor disaster has been running out of coffee beans…

We had our first rehearsal for the Parly Choir carols yesterday evening, and my setting of We Three Kings is in the booklet, also a choral harmonisation of Bach’s Wachet auf, which I wrote a few years back for another group but which did not end up being used.  The three kings have aged pretty well over the year and it should be fun to hear it once more in its full brassy glory, snake charmers and all.

I have also recast the text for my latest choral piece and sent it off to the commissioner for consideration.  This is a work for next year and it has taken a few bites at the cherry to get the text into some kind of order.  When things are right, though, there comes a point at which one feels that nothing could be different, and, while I am not quite there yet on this one, I feel that I am close.

In a spare five minutes yesterday I also spent some time on my current piano extravaganza, which seems to grow in scope with every passing day.  Although this is and will remain a piano piece, I can feel in my bones that there is going to be an organ adaptation of at least part of it, as I feel that the central section is something which could prove useful of a Sunday morning when I am short of a voluntary.

This Sunday is, of course, Advent Sunday, and the next couple of days are the relative calm before the storm of carols begins.  Already next week five of my seven evenings are gone, given over to little donkeys and wise men, and the rest of December looks much the same.  By Saturday, though, I should be clear of this term’s preparations for lectures, concerts and so on, all of which means that I will be able to concentrate once more on putting notes on paper, updating my website, sending out news and so on, all things I have neglected recently.  To say that I am looking forward to it is an understatement.