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After the mad rush of the first couple of weeks of Advent it has been time to catch up a little and get things done.  I am not out of the woods yet, but the initial rush of rehearsal-concert-rehearsal-concert will subside next week as various organisations have their carol services and then break for Christmas.

The Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir performed Sweet Was The Song last Thursday at St. John’s, Smith Square, conducted by my colleague Simon Over.  We were fortunate also to have Crispian Steele-Perkins along to blow his trumpet at the assembled audience – I have worked with him once before, and he is a joy to accompany, also great company.

Good news too about Flyht, which is apparently off to the recording studio in the next few weeks.  I have been tinkering with some sleeve notes for this, one of the many things on my catch-up list, and I am hoping that the whole experience of the piece will be one of my highlights of 2014.

I keep hammering away at my latest two pieces in quiet moments, a choral work (nearly finished) and a piano work (probably about half way through).  I am aware that I have probably done less composing over the past term than at any point in my new career, and that is something which needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

The Parliament Choir concert from earlier this month is also due for broadcast on Classic FM on the 23rd, and will include my arrangement of We Three Kings and a couple of other doodles from my workshop.  The Three Kings went down very well once again, and I was approached afterwards by a lady who apparently has access to camels, so who knows what the concert might incorporate next year?

This is, I will admit, a fairly short entry after a lengthy period of quiet, but better, I think, to get something up and published in a quiet few minutes than not.  No doubt as things calm down I’ll be able to tap out a few more entries and reflect at a little more length on how things are going and how things have been during 2013.  I’ll probably also be able to give my verdict on Formula One’s latest gimmick (absurd) and write a little about my latest board game of choice (Guildhall).  Until then, it’s time to get scribbling in earnest once more.