Time for an udpate – it has been a busy and exciting week, some compositional projects coming to fruition and close to being signed off, while others are beginning to gather the momentum which might take them through to eventual commission.  A new choral work and a new piano piece need to go off to their recipients this week, and I am coming to the final stages of preparing an edition of Mendelssohn’s Lobgesang in Latin, which has been tough and occasionally frustrating work.  Let us just say that Felix is…erm…inconsistent in what he does to the original text in order to make it fit the music.  Tricky.

My new big piece, alluded to last time around, now also has a target at which to aim, a competition later in the year whose regulations it fits nicely.  While this is primarily a piece to allow me to flex my compositional muscles, it is an extra incentive for it to serve a purpose rather than being filed away onto my hard drive.  I also had a meeting last week about a new and very exciting piece.  There are signs of genuine momentum, but it is early days, so I shall just leave it at that for now.

Meanwhile, the skips come and go, the nation’s supply of chocolate HobNobs is running short, and most of the builders south of the Thames appear to be in my back garden, drilling up layers and layers of concrete.  What possessed the previous owner of this house to cover a substantial back garden with up to 9 (that’s n-i-n-e) inches of concrete is quite beyond me, and we found an oil drum buried in there as well, which is beyond bizarre.  The project is, therefore, massively, enormously, spectacularly over budget after only a week, and I have to keep reminding myself that it is investing, not spending, else I think I would feel just a little overwhelmed.

As they sat out there and surveyed the remains of my garden this morning, Builder 1 said to Builder 2 “It’s just devastation”, but at least Builder 2 replied “It’s going to be wonderful when it’s done”.  As Builder 2 happens to be The Boss as well I felt a little better after that.

So onwards.  This will be a week of tidying, sending and then hammering on with new projects.  With a very good following wind I might even be able to tap out the next entry from my garden.