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It has been a long day of rehearsals as we hit high gear for the visit of the Bundestag Choir to combine with our own Parliament Choir.  I was rehearsing with Southbank Sinfonia this morning, and then in Westminster Hall this evening, always a sight (and site!) to quicken the pulse, with all forces combined for Handel, Mendelssohn and some chap called O’Neill.

Of All Persons And Estates sounds good in its slightly revised garb, the lessons learned from last time around clearly put to some kind of use, and our initial rehearsal light years away from the confidence-shredding experience we had a couple of years ago.  The choir needs a little more time to get used to the orchestra, especially in the wide open spaces of that venue, but it will all work nicely on Wednesday, of that I am sure.

Kind comments continue to arrive about against the pull of silence, and, in addition to those, people have been making nice noises about Estates as well.  It feels as if my writing really is gathering some kind of momentum and, with at least three further performances this month and three in August, one of which was confirmed today, the evidence would seem to back up that feeling.  To sum up, then:

9th July – Of All Persons And Estates, Parliament Choir, Bundestag Choir, Southbank Sinfonia, Simon Over, Westminster Hall

13th July – Peace, My Heart, Choir of St. Mary Abbots, Mark Uglow, Kensington

25th July – against the pull of silence, Southbank Sinfonia, Simon Over, Anghiari Festival

10th August – Melody Divined, Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir, Simon Over, Arundel Cathedral

24th August – The Lord Is My Light, University of London Church Choir, Sally Martin-Brown, Durham Cathedral

There’s a healthy mix of styles in there as well, from the choral/orchestral to the sacred and a work for string orchestra.  It’s been a decent patch for performances of my music, one good thing bouncing off another, so I’m hopeful for more of the same on Wednesday as well.