The gentleman with whom I had an altercation on Wednesday parked his car across the road from my house at 10:30 last night and sat there for five minutes with his engine running and the music turned up while his wife went to feed the cats, having done something similar on Thursday.  I was advised on Wednesday by the police not to confront him, presumably because, as I found out the other day, he has a rather short fuse, but instead to go and sit in another part of the house until he has gone.

I find this to be a little like a state of siege, and my other half agrees with me, that I should have to hide in my own house, alter my patterns and say goodbye to early nights because I will be woken shortly after I have drifted off.  This chap does not even live on this street, of course.  So my question is this – what would you do in this situation?  All things pass, and this situation is surely only temporary, but it weighs heavily at the moment.

I sent off yet more scores yesterday for various calls, also chased up one possible commission and received further details on another.  The ripples keep spreading outwards and, little by little, it appears that more and more people are becoming interested in what I write.  From the situation a couple of months ago, which was rather quiet, it is suddenly at the point where I am beginning to wonder how I am going to fit it all in.  I do spend a significant percentage of my days trying to be distracted, though, so it is not as if I cannot pick up spare minutes and hours here and there, and August is always a productive month for writing.

We are just into year four of Nick’s Great Compositional Adventure (really?  already?) and it is shaping up to be a good one.  I already have one major project on my writing desk, and there is another one under discussion, around which are clustered three or four smaller scale pieces which will all help to keep the creative mill wheels turning.  If the only fly in my current ointment is a superlatively aggressive aficionado of the bass frequencies, then so be it.  I think that we’ll be sitting in the back garden at 10:30 tonight, each with a glass of wine, trying to keep our lives as simple as possible.