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It was an interesting rehearsal with the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir last night, one where all the stars appear to be misaligned.  Strangely the easy stuff seemed to go awry with ease, while the difficult things – by which I mean my piece – seemed to tick along very nicely indeed.  A soprano apologised to me afterwards for being a little wonky in rehearsal, adding that “we do really love your piece, though”, so I went home heartened by the reception of Melody Divined, if a little befuddled by some other things.  I sat out on the decking with a glass of Malbec until fairly late though, savouring the summer evening and thinking about the year to come.  There are some non-musical things happening behind the scenes which could be interesting, but I shall not be discussing them until there is something concrete to report.

So, two performances of Melody Divined to come this weekend in Arundel Cathedral, and tomorrow, lest we forget, the premiere of all 59.4(ish) seconds of Intersection by the acclaimed Robert Botti at the International Double Reed Society Conference in New York.  Such a shame I cannot be there, but the glamour of south London life (a visit to the tip, a donation to the charity shop) prevents me from a jaunt over the Atlantic, much though I would love to do it.  I hope it goes well and, if you are reading this and happened to be there, drop me a line to let me know how it went and what you thought.  I loved my short time spent in the US back in 2012 and am keen to go back, so hopefully this latest performance might generate some interest.


Intersection – “something is always moving or ready to move”

With regard to my last post, things appear to have died down just a touch, and all is relatively calm.  We sit on standby, nonetheless, and I am still combing through my CD collection to find the elusive trumpet/guitar combo, but all else is quiet(er).  Long may it remain so.