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It has been a long time since I last posted, but recent sightings of me in London, France, Somerset, Grasmere and Italy are all true – yes, I am still alive and also still writing despite many other pressures on my time of late.  I performed the Toccata Phrygica in the beautiful hilltop town of Puycelsi in the south of France a couple of weekends ago, and have also been working on a talk about the Verdi Requiem, listening to symphonies by CPE Bach, reading about Carlos Kleiber, taking rehearsals (or rehoissals, as Kleiber would have written), talking to various financial bods about mortgages…and so on and so on.  The blog has been idle all this time.

The writing continues unabated, however, and, even more surprisingly, is going well and ahead of schedule.  The first section of the MC800 cantata is now running top to tail, although it is very much a first draft, and the other two chunks are also beginning to come together nicely, to the extent that I am beginning to obtain an overview of the whole piece.

Otherwise it has been the regular round of sending music out, being as vocal as tastefully possible about my writing, and ensuring that people’s curiosity, if piqueable, is piqued.  The run of summer performances has slowed a little, but this is always a quiet time of year, and it is about time to dig into the run of sending out pieces for consideration for carol concerts and so on.  Heavens, by Christmas it might even be that I’ll be writing this from a new garret!