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My thanks to everybody who has sent good wishes for the house purchase.  As all the important forms are currently in the post it means that I have some time free from finding, scanning and filling out (in?) documents, so I can get some music written and also update this blog.  Optimistically, perhaps, we are having some people in today to quote for removal costs, but it does feel as though we are on the final stretch at last.

Around playing for some graduations today I have been hammering away at an arrangement of The Angel Gabriel for the Parliament Choir, which we will need to begin rehearsing very soon.  It is a carol I have always wanted to get to grips with, but more limited than some others in terms of the fun one can have with it, musically speaking.  I hope that I have brought a couple of its elements to life without detracting too much from its simple beauty.  Tomorrow I’ll do some work on the other Parly Choir arrangement, and then it will be straight back to the Carta Cantata, because I really want to get it running, however patchily, from start to finish by the end of the month.

The house saga has been going on for a couple of months and, of course, will continue for a while yet, so it is something of a relief to be able to get back to some serious writing and, as so often when onerous commitments turn up, being suddenly free of them leads to a wonderful sense of lightness.  I hope that sensation will continue over the coming months through whatever surprises the proposed move might hold.

I received an email this morning from a reviewer who is pointing his critical pen towards the Flyht CD, so I am looking forward to reading what he thinks.  Also, yesterday I received confirmation that Sweet Was The Song is in rehearsal for a Christmas performance by the girls’ choir of the London Oratory School, where I used to teach.  Copies are available to download from my website, as always.

The news about Sweet reminds me that it is coming up to that time of year again, and the carol service bookings are beginning to arrive as well.  If you fancy a look at anything of mine, whether the original stuff or the arrangements (such as the terribly popular We Three Kings, as featured on The Daily Politics) then please drop me a line or, again, head over to my website.

That, I think, is it for today.  At this rate I might even write another post tomorrow.