Flyht, according to Michael Cookson’s new review on the MusicWeb site, is “an enthralling and most worthwhile new work”, and who am I to argue?  Normally this would be the grandest news of the day, but when one exchange contracts on a house in the morning, everything else, while most welcome, is just slightly in that shadow.

So, after ten years in Mitcham and nearly twenty as a full time resident of London, it is time for a seismic change in my life, one which fills me with excitement (a lot) and trepidation (a little), for there are undoubtedly details I have overlooked, even if I am sure that the grand foundations have all been covered, recovered and rerecovered.

The last time I did something of this ilk was back in 1995 when I came to London sans job and pretty much sans money.  I did not believe for a moment that the streets were paved with gold, but did have a keen sense of wanting to judge my value against the musicians here in this most artistically vibrant of cities.  I think I have done ok in the meantime, and being able to do the whole cottage-in-the-country thing before hitting 45 years old must be considered some kind of success.

In the time between now and completion and subsequent move there will be the packing to do (open corks in case of emergency) but also more sketching on the Carta Cantata which continues to accumulate material as it heads towards the hour mark.  Now that it is at the kind of stage where I can begin to listen to large swathes of it straight through I am able to hear sections in context, so that much of the work over the past week has been in trying to ascertain which moments are too long, which too short and where new material is needed.

I have also spent some time sending out new carol arrangements and other pieces.  Now that the mortgage and other work is over, just the physical stuff to come, I am enjoying the chance to focus on what makes me tick on a daily basis and one of the driving forces behind bringing this move forward by a substantial amount of time has been the desire to do more – much more – of that.