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I am, like every current Formula One driver apart from Lewis Hamilton, trying to find my rhythm.  The first week of my new life seems to be ticking along quite nicely and has had some unexpectedly pleasant side effects.  Thanks to my car journeys I am listening to more music, for example.  I am also being more productive during the day, as being out and about gives me less of an opportunity to be distracted by the self-employed’s temptations (fridge, kettle, toaster, internet).

Yesterday evening I spent some time with the commissioner of the Carta Cantata, discussing various details relating to it and its proposed performances through 2015.  I was pleased to discover that I am significantly more advanced in terms of the piano score than I had thought.  This doesn’t mean that I can take things in a more relaxed fashion, rather that I can forge on ahead and remain ahead of the wave.

I picked up more performances yesterday, this time of The Angel Gabriel and The Lord Is My Light, both before Christmas.  Also, it seems that the Parliament Choir’s carol concert, which will feature three of my arrangements, might go out on Classic FM on Christmas Day, probably the best slot of the year.  It is all good news.

Tomorrow is the Parliament Choir’s performance of the Verdi Requiem, which I feel as though I have been rehearsing since the beginning of time.  Thankfully it is a work worth the effort.  After the performance I shall go and hide away in my rural retreat, get on with some more writing, unpack a few more boxes and explore a couple more of the nearby villages.