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As one of my many resolutions for this new year, I have attempted to become more organised and methodical in my approach to work.  Unfortunately this has only served to point out how far behind I am on some projects, so I have knuckled down over the past few days, to the extent that I should be ahead of things, and comfortably so, by the end of the week.

I have been making tweaks and adjustments to the Carta Cantata, also putting together some audio files for the same piece, all the while getting on as quickly as possible with some chorus sections for O God Of Earth And Altar.  The three sections of OGOEAA were ready at about half past eight on Sunday night, and we ran through them with the Parliament Choir this evening.  Good they sounded, too, yet another reminder not to trust the sounds Sibelius puts out, especially where voices are concerned.

The piece is designed to fit into a programme of Purcell and Monteverdi, so it adopts certain stylistic ideas from their periods, couching them in more modern language, but is still intended to be accessible to audience and singers alike.  Anyway, it seemed to go well this evening, the reaction from the singers was good, and I think it will work well once the various solo sections go in.  At the moment it is in fragments, and is one of those pieces where the different sections are being written to different deadlines, but I’ve done that kind of thing before, and take it on board willingly as part of the challenge.

Next up is extracting the “Runnymede” version of the Carta Cantata, which I’ll then need to orchestrate, then back to O God Of Earth And Altar, and then back to the Carta Cantata again.  It’s a busy, busy time of writing, and if I were less happy with my life and career I might say “be careful what you ask for”, but I’m enjoying every second of it.