Strike while the iron is hot, keep them wheels a-rolling and all that.  I do not have the greatest amount of leeway in the matter, for deadlines are deadlines, but it was a good afternoon of work yesterday, tucked away in a coffee shop in Kensington and working hard on O God Of Earth And Altar.  An important stage has been reached now that I have managed to set all of the text and see the whole piece in something close to its final structure, and suddenly it all begins to make sense.  Even if I do say so myself, there are a couple of crafty bits of compositional sleight of hand in there as well which might just make me smile in years to come when I revisit the piece.

In order for the orchestration of the remainder of 1215: Foundation Of Liberty to run to time (or, rather, slightly ahead) it is important to get down to work on this other piece for the Parliament choir, and my staggered schedule of zipping back and forth between the two pieces seems to have worked out fairly nicely.  As I think I may have hinted in my last blog entry, it has been quite pressured at times, almost overwhelmingly so, but I have the feeling that I am nearly out of the woods with the writing of both pieces.  Thank heavens that these days I can craft my way out of holes and impasses – back in the olden days I would have been stuck and scratching around for ideas, but now I just work my way out of dead ends.  It is lovely what experience brings, and I’ll  gladly take the grey hairs in return.