I woke up this morning hoping that it was not a Wednesday, the last day of my break and my luck was in, for it is only Tuesday.  We found a lovely and very stylish haunt in a nearby town yesterday and enjoyed some excellent food and ambiance, all the more welcome as my directional ineptitude had led us on a complete wild goose chase in the hour and a half prior to that.  The place was so inviting and welcoming that the plan is to head back there this afternoon and spend the rest of what looks like being an unremittingly rainy day in decent and convivial surroundings, perhaps facing off over a card game or two.

As for 1215, well the end is in sight for that just as it is for our break.  I have, by my calculations, about four and a half minutes left to orchestrate after today’s work, and that is a target which could easily be hit tomorrow.  The dilemma is whether to finish it as soon as possible, which would be lovely, or to spend extra time making sure that little details all match and dovetail nicely.  The answer, most likely, is that I will sit somewhere between the two and use all that time I have saved in writing the piece to continue to tinker with details until the point it needs to get to rehearsal.

We await with distinctly unbated breath the arrival of an oil pump to fix the central heating, and are thanking our lucky stars not only that the air conditioning provides heat, but also that the hot water appears to be on a separate circuit.  Once upon a long time ago I went on a similar jaunt with my then partner and we encountered almost identical problems.  It did not go well and we went our different ways soon thereafter, but I don’t think that is an issue this time.  In my head I can fix everything that is wrong with the world for my other half, but maybe I shall just have to accept defeat on central heating in foreign countries.