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We had a good run at O God Of Earth And Altar in the Parliament Choir rehearsal this evening, and it sounded positively frisky in places, which was good to hear.  Reaction appears to be supportive, as well, and the choir seem to be enjoying the piece.  While there are some details I still need to tidy in the orchestral version, there are other aspects of the piece, many of them not visible to the naked eye, which give me some pleasure.

The piece should be ready within the next few days, and the same should be more or less true with 1215, although I imagine that the process of refinement for that piece will be ongoing for a while.  A couple of sets of notes as well to be done, and then it suddenly becomes calm, three pieces on the table to write but no pressing deadlines.  It will be a novel experience.

My nose has been a small distance away from the grindstone today, to the extent that much has been done, but I have still allowed myself some leeway, and although I would like to keep the momentum of the past months, I must remember to stop and do the old rose-smelling as well.

Maybe I’ll also get to see some more films – the only Oscar winner I have seen is Ida, which won the gong for best foreign language film.  My other half and I caught this while still living near Wimbledon after eating out, mainly because we fancied seeing a film and it was the only one which had not yet started.  The BBC website has described it as a “family drama”, which seems…odd, to say the least.  A black and white film about a nun experiencing life before skedaddling back to the convent hardly seems like a family drama, but there we go.

My own opinion is that is not as great a film as some previous winners of that category, the finest of which – Il Postino and The Lives Of Others, for example – have, I believe, more depth and more to reveal.  The Lives Of Others, in particular, is magnificent and one of my favourites, and I need to get round to watching it again.  I do not need reminding of the power of music to move the soul, and spend many waking hours working out what it is that makes it do that and attempting to wield it to decent effect, but I’ll revisit that film happily.

Who is listening and what are they listening to?