A touch more organisation over the past couple of days has enabled me to get up to date with my emails, and also to spend a happy morning (dappled sky, open window, singing birds) adding details to the skeleton of the Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on Eb, which I think is far enough advanced at the moment to warrant an official title.  I tend to follow the rhythm (if not the achievement level) of the great composers, working hard in the morning and then letting the rest of the day be taken up by other things.  It is not always that way, of course, especially with the rather unpredictable nature of the freelance life, but I try to adhere to it where possible.

There is some arranging to be done in May, so getting slightly ahead with the Magnificat is time well spent, I think, even though the deadline for it is a few months away, for work, as we all know, has an alarming tendency to expand to fit the time available, so investment made when time is available is no bad thing.  I imagine that May will also be full of Magna Carta details to be wrought and rewrought, so I am very keen to have my decks and composing table as clear as they can be.

It is turning into a glorious day outside, but I’ll be (and have been) pensive at times, for today would have been Nick Gale’s 40th birthday.  Simply because something is unspoken does not mean it is unthought, of course, and in those silent personal moments my memories often turn to him and to his family.  There will be wine bought later today, wine from the bottom of the list, and a glass raised to my absent friend, next year and for many years after, too.