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So far, a good morning of work, indulging in various bits of admin for 1215: Foundation Of Liberty, with the promise of much more admin to come, and also ploughing on with the Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on Eb, whose central section is now complete and running well in its initial form.  Even at this stage I think that the piece is turning out well, even if there are moments still when it all falls silent.

Yesterday was a good day, mildly busy but with enough time to relax, get out into the town, cook a decent meal with my peppercorn sauce (dangerously hot) and relax into the guilty pleasure of some DVDs.  Waking up this morning, May had suddenly arrived, and the diary for this month looks busier than the last, with Anghiari mentioned for the first time in 2015, which means that summer must be around the corner.

I have two performances at the London Festival Of Contemporary Church Music this month, the Festive Voluntary at St. Pancras Church on the morning of the 10th, and The Lord Is My Light on the 17th at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.  I have had pieces performed at the Festival before, so it is good to keep the ball rolling.

My attention was drawn to a blog entry yesterday which covered the events in Puycelsi over the weekend, should you be interested in another account of the goings on between the thunderstorms.  I come out of it fairly well (I gave the impression of having a brain!), so it is clear that I adhered with some success to my normal plan of playing the wrong notes very quietly indeed.  It will also give you some idea of quite why the church is in such desperate need of restoration.

The rest of today will be given over to more work on the Mag & Nunc and maybe some other bits and pieces as well, and I might head even head out to the market, see what goodness it has to offer.