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I woke up this morning to find news in my emails of a performance of The Lord Is My Light last Thursday, at Holy Trinity, Stroud Green, also notification that the piece was ‘trending’, whatever that may be.  I then trotted along to the website for the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music and was very pleasantly surprised the find that the piece is due to be performed not once, but twice during the course of the event.  Throw in the Festive Voluntary and that is three performances in total.

The piece has managed to live on quite well past its first performance back in 2012 (three years? already?), aired at various times and in various places, and it seems to have hit a sweet spot of being on the easier side to put together, but still with fairly interesting results.  Hearing a recording of it recently, I was a little surprised at how much Howells is in there, but perhaps I shouldn’t be, as I was brought up on a diet of the stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewed by some film makers for a short feature about 1215: Foundation Of Liberty as things begin to gather momentum before the anniversary itself.  There were some interesting developments yesterday, both in terms of the day itself and also in terms of the proposed full performance later this year, so I am getting the impression that momentum is picking up.