A slightly fractured week coming up in terms of work, with a decent amount of driving and just a touch of flying involved.  I’ll be able to fit in some writing here and there, but it will be fragmentary, so it is probably best to continue with the details of the Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on Eb and maybe to work on a few of its lacunae as well.

Still, work is work so it is not all bad news, and, best of all, tomorrow morning will see the very welcome return of Ed Reardon’s Week to Radio 4 for a tenth series.  It is, by some margin, the best thing on the radio, and ten series is no mean feat, especially since the shark-jumping most series tend to do fairly early on has still yet to rear(don) its ugly head.  Obviously, diving into it tomorrow would not allow the new listener to appreciate it with all the background, but better late than never, if you fancy giving it a go.  As a writer I like to think I have something in common with Ed (I have a cat, too), and that hallowed half hour tomorrow will, I think, coincide nicely with a break from writing.  Here, try some.