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I reached one of those tipping points a few days ago, as the Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on Eb reached the stage where all the words have been set.  It is still some distance from completion, and would sound rather disjointed as it stands, but it does mean that the core material is in place and I know, at last, what to start honing.  It also means that I have a pretty good idea of the structure of the piece and the way it hangs together, so I am expecting progress on this to pick up speed over the next few days.

The Parliament Choir also reconvened for the first time after the election break (remember that?) on Monday, and they sounded pretty impressive for a choir that has been off duty for nearly three months.  The concert is still some way away, not until November, as it happens, but that does mean that we have a fair amount of time to work on the music.  There is no room for complacency, though, as there are all sorts of breaks and gaps between now and then, so I am sure that the time will fly by.

I spent part of Tuesday looking at some venues for the proposed first performance of 1215: Foundation Of Liberty, one of which was just not going to work, but the other of which was a very pleasant surprise indeed, ticking every single box.  Again, the concert is not until November, but I am getting the occasional frisson of excitement as various elements of the performance are beginning to come together.

And, lest we forget, next Monday is The Big Day at Runnymede, a small part of which will be devoted to a fraction of 1215, cunningly rebarred so as to be performable by marching band.  I dreamed the other night that I had forgotten my ticket, that the band could not be heard and that people started to boo, so clearly I am not nervous about this at all.  I’ll be interviewed at some point in the morning as well, and, when all is done, I think I shall retire somewhere very quiet and take in a couple of restorative gulps of air.  Updates about my piece have been conspicuous by their absence since I sent off the parts and met with the conductor, so I can only assume that things are progressing smoothly.

At the start of the weekend, on Saturday, Exeter Cathedral Choir will be performing Flyht, so it really is going to be a busy few days, and the trusty Toyota will be pounding the roads up and down the country.