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A good week, all told, and fun, fun, fun.  We invited our immediate neighbours to help us break in the table and chairs for our terrace on Wednesday evening and ended up having a riotous time, most of it distinctly unbloggable.  May it please the jury only to know that not much work was done on Thursday, ahem.  On Friday, however, I piled on with the basic sketch of the Te Deum and caught up with other bits and pieces of work, including some introductions for the Anghiari Festival.

This morning at the Civic Service at Mary Abbots I trotted out the Toccata Phrygica, but mention should also be made of a really exquisite performance of the Ave Verum by Byrd, totally atmospheric and beautifully poised.  This afternoon, probably already, in fact, the choir of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin will perform O Roma Felix at what I believe is their final service before the summer break.  If memory serves this is the second time one of my pieces has been performed there, encouraging stuff.

Over the next few days there will be a little more discussion about the first performance of 1215: Foundation Of Liberty as we hammer together the finer details of this concert, and later in the week, on Sunday, the Occam Singers will perform Music in their summer concert.  It is a real shame that I will not be able to get down to Guildford to hear this performance – otherwise engaged, of course – but I really hope it goes well for a choir with which I was associated for so long, and which took me on board when I was still rather scruffy and unpresentable.

It is a decent run of performances and with that healthy background thrum of even more coming together in the background.  Somewhere in all that noise is the gentle scratching of pencil on manuscript as well, a noise that will start as soon as this is posted.