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It may be a Bank Holiday weekend for some, but the topsy-turvy world of the freelance musician knows no distinctions, so it has been a busy one for yours truly, and the morning thus far has been industrious.  Over the course of the weekend the Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir gave two lovely performances of Melody Divined at Arundel Cathedral, which elicited some rather effusive comments from some members of the congregation, no bad thing.  Also, the London University Church Choir performed The Lord Is My Light at St. George’s, Windsor yesterday morning, thus making it a proverbial triple-whammy over the weekend.

Today I have been busy and productive at the computer, as the end of August has coincided with a few deadlines.  Nothing has been in danger of going over, but I do like to use all the time available to make sure that things are as sorted out as they can be.  The Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis on Eb went off to its commissioners this morning, and shortly thereafter I put the final touches to another commission which will be delivered next week.  In between these two events I managed to get off a competition entry, so I think it is fair to say that I shall be relaxing for the rest of the day…

…or maybe thinking on to what needs to be done next.  The Te Deum needs to be orchestrated, and I also need to get to work on a setting of Psalm 121 (or 120 if you are a fan of the Vulgate), and then we shall have to see what turns up in the emails.  If something arrives then so much the better, but if not then I think I will go a-hunting in some other competitions.  For the rest of the day, though, it is time to down tools and maybe even head out, with my umbrella, of course.