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It has been a lightish week of writing, the endeavours of what seem like the past eighteen months or so suddenly distant as we head into the latter part of this year.  We are trying hard to get the first full performance of 1215 off the ground, but, as always, it is sponsorship that is the sticking point, proving tricky in this post-recessionary age, and even though promises have been made, we still need more.  I keep looking down the back of my sofa for extra change, but I think I need a larger sofa, as well as more change.

A whisper of a new commission on the ether as well, just a gentle whisper for now, but one that could turn into something quite special, I think, not the largest piece, but a work that could have a decent emotional punch.  I shall say no more for now, and we shall see how this goes.

Even in the current rest period of the Parliament Choir people have continued to be kind about the new setting of the Te Deum Laudamus, so much so that I think it might be a decent piece, and I am looking forward to hearing it in its orchestrated version, although that is yet to be written.  It will be performed in close proximity (temporal and geographical) to the Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on Eb, another piece to which I am looking forward.

It feels as though the summer break is finally over, although I probably should not moan too much, as it is nearly October.  I am still fine-tuning my life in the sticks, trying new stratagems and approaches, but, in the grand scheme of things, everything seems to have worked out nicely over the past year, and any rockiness in the boat will hopefully have been sealegged away once 2016 hoves into view.  It has meant some rather emphatically early mornings, such as the one a few hours ago, but even grimy old London can look pretty spectacular with the dawn breaking over its far edge, making it appear almost alluring, were it not for the mists and (here it comes) the mellow fruitfulness that I know will await me post-Stonehenge in the other direction.  Post-September in the direction of time’s arrow I wonder what new notes will await.