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While it has been a slightly frustrating week, with emails ignored and various undertakings unundertaken, there has still been enough going on to keep the wheels turning.  Perhaps most shocking of all was that my new builders actually arrived to begin work on the bathroom, taking me almost entirely by surprise.  Even checking my messages on that very morning I was expecting a very last minute cancellation (twice bitten, thrice shy on that account) but, no, arrive they did, and so far (touch MDF) progress has been smooth and serene.

There has been a decent amount of banging the old head against various walls as well, small frustrations and twiddling of thumbs around things that simply cannot progress until I know what is going on.  There are a number of these situations running concurrently as I write, and nothing much I can do about any of them, so I’ll keep on twiddling the old thumbs for the time being.

I did get back to some writing during the week, and it felt refreshing, a haven from all the hassle and frustration of other projects, and the banging and crashing from inside the house.  I have finished the first sketch of Levavi Oculos, a short motet for Cantores Salicium, and it came relatively quickly, and, for once, on screen rather than on paper, although the initial ideas had been written the old fashioned way.  It is a framework upon which to build for the final version of the piece, and a solid start, I think.

Away from the composing desk, I have been listening to Saint-Saens’ Septet, whose hummability, according to one writer, is “off the scale”, and preparing for various lectures to be given over the coming weeks.  All that preparation is needed if one is to be in charge of a topic, be prepared for the questions, but it does take the time away from the old writing.  Saint-Saens, for example, only ever held one teaching post, and that briefly, and I do so much prefer being in the front line of it all, making the music.