It is not always vanity that drives a composer to pop their own name into Google.  No, really.  I received an email today from somebody to whom I had sent a piece a while back, several months ago, in fact.  It transpires that the submitted piece, Aurora, was performed in Bosnia & Herzegovina last November, so that news was an unexpected bonus to my day, and proof that time spent pursuing the promotional side of composition is not always wasted.  I used to have a line reading “Please inform the composer of any performances” at the foot of the first page of my scores, but it got me nowhere.  At least nowadays it is easier to track things down, and I can keep my own records in order about what has been performed, and what has not.

I have spent the rest of today working on an arrangement for a wedding on Saturday, something well off the beaten track, but good practice none the less.  It meant relying heavily on those trusty lessons learned from harmonising Bach chorales, though I can warrant than Johann Sebastian never imagined that those guidelines would be applied to the backing vocals for a reggae classic.  You can never tell where composition is going to take you next!