It was a busy weekend, my feet literally off the ground for some time as I flew out to France on Saturday evening and then back into London on Monday morning.  Sunday was the occasion of the now twice-yearly concert to raise funds for the lovely church in Puycelsi, organised, as always, by Ross and Ginny Jenkins, and the one-day-only choir put through its paces by Mark Opstad.  Mark’s latest CD has had great reviews, by the way, and maybe I should hint here that investing in it would be a good move towards helping fund further recordings.  The repertoire over the weekend was Mozart and Durante (whose Magnificat was once attributed to Pergolesi), the audience appreciative and the atmosphere suitably industrious, although with breaks for refuelling, of course.  I also played the Bach Passacaglia & Fugue in c, and I suspect that I was the person who enjoyed the performance the most.  My opinion that it is the greatest piece of organ music ever written remains unchanged.  I should also mention that the church at Puycelsi is looking wonderful where restoration works have been carried out, even though there is a long way to go.

On Saturday I was rehearsing all day with the Parliament Choir, and it seems that Tu Es Petrus is looking after itself fairly well, so much so that I wonder whether I should have made it just a little more complicated, but the choir seem to be enjoying it very much as it is, so I am hoping that they will take well to the orchestral accompaniment, which should spring into life next Tuesday.  I went directly from the rehearsal to Heathrow, and on the Monday I did the same, but in the opposite direction, and then, late and very tired, home.

The next two weeks are going to be very involved, so I am taking some time over these days to do a little writing, keep the desk as clear as possible, and to enjoy what Somerset and its surroundings have to offer.  Yesterday was Bath and then Wells, today we will be doing the rounds of Shepton and then who knows?  It has taken a little time to recharge the batteries after the weekend’s running and dragging wheelie cases, but at least there were some cardboard boxes full of goodies for me to enjoy when I came home, fruits of my latest writing sideline.

I have also managed to put some notes onto paper and screen, using the ideas I mentioned a few posts ago, which have yielded some interesting results.  I am at the stage in my new piece, for solo instrument, where the purely imaginative part is done and it looks as though the refinement is next in line.  Yet again I began with a detailed plan for the piece and then jettisoned pretty much all of it, bit by bit, as I progressed and new ideas sparked previously undiscovered avenues.  Once more I wonder if I plan too much, writing words, when I should be scribbling and letting the piece come to me, writing music, only keeping in mind a broad set of principles into which the finished product should fall.  All my best stuff seems to come about that way, and perhaps I should learn from that correlation.