So often you will get a few days off, plan the many things you want to do and then get bogged down in the general day-to-day stuff.  So it has been chez Nick over the past few days, but at least I carved out a spare hour to sit in a (very pleasant, non-chain) coffee house in Bath yesterday and sketch out a few ideas for a new piece.  In terms of items on the composition desk it is a little slow at the moment, so it is time to go forging ahead in other directions, and this piece represents one of them, one of those pieces where it feels like I will just go running with some ideas and see where they take me.

I am gearing up for the summer run, although it looks to be a little easier than it has been on some previous occasions, and it might well give me the time I need to work on my technique and see where I can go next.  I do think that part of that involves getting away from the computer screen quite so much when it comes to the planning side of things, and letting the improvisational side of composition happen on paper, where I can scribble things out, throw down ideas, and add in directions and the like without having to hold down three buttons at once to get there.

So while I have not got anything like as much done over the past days as I would have liked, at least I have not done nothing, but I feel, deep down, that I need to refocus and make sure that I am still on the rails, that my thoughts do not drift subtly and slightly until I find myself standing trackside.