Looking at my last entry it has clearly been a while since I last wrote, but I have been getting on with things while the world out there continues what appears to be a gradual descent into total madness.  I try very hard to avoid any kind of religion/sex/politics in these posts, mainly because I do not think that they belong here, but I think I need to mention that I have been convinced for a while that politicians get a bum deal at the best of times and that their frequent good deeds tend to go unremarked while, as recompense, their private lives are open to intrusion, their inboxes to abuse and their views to scrutiny.  I’ll leave it there, but suffice to say that the events of last week were, in every way, A Bad Thing, and good people need to keep doing good things, determinedly and without fear.  Meanwhile, we’ll see what Thursday brings…

Back in Somerset I am getting on with writing things.  It has been a quiet patch, so I have been sketching for a couple of competitions and doing some technical work and a lot of thinking, but now the next batch of commissions is beginning to trickle in, and that seems to have kickstarted my ideas, to the extent that I am finding myself back in a very pleasurable rhythm, helped, I think, by going back to pencil and paper instead of mouse and computer.  I have written about the value of the physical contact between pencil and paper so often that I wonder why I was not doing it, but I think I just drifted away from it without even noticing.

So the piece on the desk at the moment (alongside a couple of half-finished competition pieces) is something to sit alongside the rest of the Parliament Choir’s autumn programme, something secular, for once, but designed to complement the other works, mainly from the Italian Baroque.  While works such as O God Of Earth And Altar sat alongside their companions in terms of style, this new piece is going to be similar only in terms of subject, I think.  At least, that it what is happening at the moment.  Speaking of O God Of Earth And Altar, it will be performed at St. Clement Danes on Sunday morning alongside the Te Deum in an O’Neill double whammy.  Other pieces to write are out there on the horizon, somewhere in the distance, but appear to be getting closer all the time.  By the end of the month it may well be that there are two more pieces to be written, and that should see me nicely through the summer and beyond, keeping me busy and out of trouble.