After yesterday’s early rise it was a more civilised get-up-and-go this morning, punctuated by the traditional ten o’clock cold caller, this time trying to fix my computer, although I did get one of those car crash people the other day, which was pretty fortuitous.  Can’t imagine why they thought my name was John, though at least they had a guess…

I managed to sketch the very patchy outline of an entire piece yesterday, and while it sounds as though it was hammered together by somebody who was all thumbs, at least it was a decent start and gives me something to work with.  When sculptors stand in front of a block of marble, after all, trying to release the figure they can see trapped inside, I like to think that they begin by lopping off fairly large chunks, leaving the fine detail until the rough shape has emerged.  This idea that everything should emerge fully formed is such a hindrance.

It was good to see Shepton Mallet in the news yesterday, if only for the fact that nobody could get in or out.  Still, despite being in the wilds of the wilderness, we can be reasonably self-sufficient, and there’s always the cider mill within reach while it is still just about open, so none of this queuing for Evian as seen in the great Godalming croissant shortage of the winter of 2011/2.  Frankly, there’s not much evidence of traffic in the town itself apart from the occasional wandering truck, although that is probably at least partly due to the fact that somebody, probably the local council, has put bin bags over some of the road signs.  Low tech, admittedly, but effective.

Sorry to drone on about it, but mentioning low tech reminds me once again that my fruitful work yesterday was achieved with pencil and paper, and only later in the day transferred (briskly) to computer.  Instinctively I want to continue now on the screen, but I think it might well be a case of printing out the sketches (on recyclable paper, of course) and doodling thereover until a new version emerges.  Somehow I have also managed to leave a line out of the text – not the first time I have done this – so the tasks for today are to make the sketch complete, add some detail, walk up to the polling station and do my duty.  Then I shall buy something refreshing for the evening and wait up until the good or bad news arrives.