While I waited for things to shake out with the possible commissions I got back to the business of putting some notes on paper yesterday, scanning the horizons for possible competitions that I might be able to enter.  I usually select them based on several factors, but they also provide an opportunity to try out some ideas, even if they go no further than the jury’s bin.  Still, I began a piece yesterday which got off to a fairly good start, a strong and memorable opening (I think) which then was easy to extend into new and contrasting material, so much so that I did think “this is fun!”, which is not a thought that often springs to mind when I am hammering away with transformations, permutations and so on.  This is not being written for a big competition, in fact the prize for winning is rather modest, but it does feel that I am learning something along the way, and, for once, I think that I shall have a piece that can be fairly useful at the end of it.  Sometimes the requirements for these things can be quite quirky, but this one has more universal appeal.

We went out for dinner with a friend last night after a fairly slow day (although I did seem to spend most of my non-writing time on the emails, it seemed), and then rounded off June with a touch of gaming at home – one play of Hanabi, one of the rethemed Guildhall, and then five of Codenames, good games all.  While the retheme of Guildhall does nothing for me, what were farmers and weavers now sorcerers and druids, I was reminded that this is a solid and thinky card game, with all sorts of trickery that can be unleashed once you know how the cards can be lined up.  No such caveats about the other two games, though, both worthy of their high reputation.  Games, dinner, composing – a good day.