Yesterday was a strange old day.  I managed to do some more writing for a competition piece that I think is shaping up pretty nicely, and also wrote some more of my introductions for the Anghiari Festival, got in a little bit of gaming and a decent DVD as well, was fed and watered.  I received some not unexpected but still not entirely great news in the evening, the not unexpectedness of it making it much less of a nasty surprise than it could have been.  No more to say about it than that at the moment, I think.

The competition piece is ticking along nicely, however, taking on a life of its own.  I am finding it slightly tricky to settle down to a rhythm of work during the day, something that is not helped by nearly every day being different from the last, and most of them being unpredictable in terms of event and timetable changes.  Even after all this time I cannot decide if I work better early in the morning, late at night or at some point in between, although the evidence of Brahms, Elgar, Britten and others all seems to suggest the morning is the best time for fresh ideas, presumably before the brain is tired and burdened by other things.  For the time being, though, maybe the best plan is simply to have the manuscript paper available on the desk and Sibelius up and running as a matter of course.  After all, the most difficult part of any job can just be turning up.