It is always a good feeling when a piece gets up a head of steam and starts to fire on ahead of its own accord.  Some pieces one struggles with all the way through, the majority reach some kind of tipping point once you have enough material together to make sense of the whole, while only rarely does a piece set off with a clear and easy sense of direction.  I think that it maybe comes down to the quality of the initial idea and the clarity of vision it possesses.  Of course, a decent first idea does not a decent piece make on its own, but it helps to get off to a good start.  After all, as a friend of mine once said, if you’ve got them at the start, you’ve pretty much got them all the way through (q.v. Mahler’s 2nd Symphony).  Anyway, the latest competition piece has been looking after itself very nicely, thank you very much, more or less complete over two weeks before the deadline and ready to be refined between now and then.  Being ahead of schedule means that I can get on with other things, so there is another competition entry to get done, also for the end of the month, and the translations of the introductions for the Anghiari Festival.  It is hard to believe that there is only a week to go before it wheels around again.