On Tuesday evening I was invited to the dinner of the Gentlemen’s Catch and Glee Club, which was quite an experience.  At the very first meeting those present included Thomas Arne and one of Handel’s superstar tenors, so it is a club with an august and starry history, but quaint nonetheless, the kind of thing I imagine could only really go on on this side of the Channel.  The catches and glees struck my mind as arty precursors to the Carry On films, and I half expected Sid James to turn up at any point, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

I began my new piece in earnest a couple of days ago.  There is one loose end to tie and then I will be able to announce what is, but it is already running smoothly and swiftly, and that is always a good sign.  This one needs to hit its target securely and accurately, but I think it will do so.  It will be part of what is shaping up to be a decent run of pre-Christmas performances, and there’s a clickable link up at the top that will list them as the season approaches.

Lastly for now, Cantores Salicium gave the second performance of my Levavi Oculos in Kirkby Malham on Sunday, which, I am told, went very well indeed.  The first performance is the easy one for a composer, as I like to say, but the second one is far trickier to secure, so this is good news.  Cantores is a small choir that produces a great sound and punches well above its weight, and they raise money for excellent causes as well, so more power to them.