The Human Seasons continues to sound good in rehearsal, and the Parliament Choir really seem to enjoy it.  Given that it took two false starts on my behalf before the piece settled properly that is something of a relief.  Both on Monday at our rehearsal and on Saturday at the Study Day we spent good time on it, and it is so much better than it was in my head.  I am looking forward to hearing how it sounds with the orchestral accompaniment, and think that it will add further detail to what is there already.

We were visited in Somerset on Thursday by some friends, keen to see our abode for the first time, and we had a very pleasant lunch at one of the new eateries in town.  These were musical people, so various matters pertaining to choirs were discussed, and some choral things were put to rights.  That apart, though, it was still a busy week, so I was glad to have the opportunity to be able to put in a decent shift on This Light Of Reason on Friday and get ahead with that piece.  It is proving easier to write than The Human Seasons, for which I am grateful, but I am also hoping that the relative ease of the writing is a good sign for the piece itself.

On Sunday morning my unison Mass for men’s voices was performed not once but twice at St. George’s Cathedral, my former place of employ, and it was good to see on their music list that Dominus Regit Me is being performed there next weekend as well.  Like The Human Seasons this is a piece that has never really convinced me, but others seem to enjoy it very much indeed, so I’ll happily take that state of affairs, thank you, especially as Dominus Regit Me was one of Nick Gale’s favourite pieces, so always makes me think of him.

Yesterday evening we celebrated (if that is the right word) the feast of All Souls with a liturgical performance of the Faure Requiem at St. Mary Abbots, a service that included the reading out of the names of the dead.  This has always been a powerful service, but it felt particularly tough yesterday, and I have been in a strange mood since then, one I recognise from last year.  At least this time I think I know what it is and have some idea how to get out of it, but thankfully I can look forward to seeing my brother and nieces tonight…and I suspect that some wine might be involved (for the grown ups, of course).

The week ahead is going to see more on This Light Of Reason, which might well be close to done by the weekend, but I am also looking forward to spending just a little more time at home this week.  I am used to the annual rhythm of the freelance life, so my Somerset days have been fewer than usual in the past weeks, but things will click back a little closer to reality from Tuesday evening…and I’ll also be picking up some lovely new gaming cardboard on the way home as well – precious cargo – from one of my fellow reviewers, and that always puts me in a chirpy frame of mind.