Normally I try to fire out these blogs on a weekly basis, Monday morning seeming like an opportune time, but the total lack of emails this Friday morning thanks to my “provider”, something that seems likely to continue until at least the end of the working day, means that I find myself with thumbs to twiddle, music to sketch, and a blog entry waiting to be written.  I’ve twiddled my thumbs until they are tired, looked at golden sections and scribbled out ideas for a couple of pieces (ideas are always the easy bit, it’s the writing that is tricky), so now it is time for the blog.

As it happens, the timing is right, for tomorrow evening (Saturday) in Exeter College, Oxford Janet Lincé will be directing Choros in a concert which will include This Light Of Reason, its first performance of 2017.  You would be very welcome if you were to decide to turn up, although rumour has it that ticket sales have been healthy, so space might be limited.  I have happy memories of Exeter, of course, having written Flyht for their 700th anniversary, so I am looking forward to being in that chapel once more, also exploring the city for the first time in a while.

Between commissions at the moment I am digging into technique in (yet another) attempt to forge what might be my style, conscious that I may already have a style but just not be able to define it closely enough to capture it.  It never hurts to examine what one writes though, even if just to ensure that one’s language continues to evolve and change rather than stagnate into parody and easy cliché.  As to what to write, the organ piece is progressing in fits and starts, and I have this nagging feeling that there is a big piece inside my head waiting to come out somehow, and perhaps that is why there is such a strong imperative to get my language sorted out.  I keep being drawn to something substantial, something that needs to communicate in some way, shape or form the terrible mess in which we all find ourselves at the moment, but there is no point coming up with all these grandiose plans without the technical assurance to see them through.  Hah!  there is no point coming up with all these grandiose plans without the technical assurance to see them through could be the buzz phrase de nos jours – good to see I can still turn out some good work on pure instinct every now and again!