I spent a happy afternoon in Bath yesterday, tucked away in one of my favourite spots and doing some work on two pieces while my better half did her own thing round the city.  I had taken that route back home on Monday night along the A46, all the other roads seemingly having been taken in, which is one of my favourite drives.  The views are spectacular on the right day, and I found out that they are just as delightful at night as the city twinkles away in the valley below.

In the bustle of the afternoon yesterday I added material to the orchestral piece, filling in the gaps as I begin to understand how the ideas mesh together, and making the links between the various sections more inevitable and less like the proverbial trucker’s gearchange.

I also began to collate material for a short piece for violin and narrator, diving into some texts and surfacing every now and again with a phrase, a sentence or a nugget of information that might be useful in the long run.  This will only be a small-scale work, for now, but there is the possibility of adding more later, so it needs to be self-sufficient but also leave the door ajar.

The evening was just reward for a day spent in light(ish) travail, a little bit of carefully selected watching and a game of Imperial Settlers,, my seventh game so far and my seventh loss.  It is one of those things that requires each action to bounce off the previous one, maybe a little like a decent piece of music, but, I just cannot get my head around it, and instead am happy just to splash around…like I do at Bathtime.