In some parallel universe there is a version of me that is always up bright and early, listening to the bird song as the world comes to life, attacking the day in the way Brahms, Elgar and Britten did, packing it all down at midday and going off to do something else.  In our universe, however, my inner child, still so readily manifest on the outside, loves the naughtiness of staying up late, and that tends to interfere with the delight and productivity of an early morning.

All the more reason to grasp the nettle on a day like today when, for whatever reason, I just cannot keep my eyes closed.  Yesterday was one of those days that flew by in a blur of appointments and those various things that keep life ticking along from one day to the next, but today promises to be a little more calm.

So far, not even 6 in the morning, I have tended to the kitchen, had breakfast with the cats (Joey on lap for morning cuddles, Dylan on his chair at table like the proper person he thinks he is), and prepared myself for today’s emails, coming up soon after I have written and posted this.  Pleasure before business at this time of the day, I think.

If all goes well I shall then do a little more detail work on the orchestral piece, maybe start to hammer a text into being for the violin and narrator work, and, if time, get something short written for a competition.  It has been a while since I have entered a competition, but maybe it is time to get a few more entries off and into other people’s inboxes.  After all, as I saw this week in another field, you never know where these things might lead.

Then, like greater composers than I, I might just power down this afternoon, help my other half with some errands and then settle down to a calm evening.  My early mornings tend to happen erratically, not helped by a work schedule that leans towards late night returns home, so it is important to make the most of these when they do occur.