In the end it was quite a productive day yesterday, even if there were a couple of bumps in the road.  I wrote a small piece for a competition, which I shall send off today after a perusal with fresh eyes, added new material to the orchestral piece, and put together a very rough draft of a first text for my new chamber piece.

There are still several gaps in the orchestral piece, but it is gathering more momentum as the days go on and beginning to head in the right direction.  The sections I like best are the ones where I push the boat out just a little harmonically, so there are a few lessons to be learned there.

The text for the chamber piece was the one to put me into a tailspin of thoughts, though.  Although the piece will be based on bells, it will also be about timekeeping, and I have become engrossed in how the definition of a second has changed over time, any attempts to do so with unimpeachable accuracy scuppered by the tiniest of fluctuations that really mean nothing to everyday folk but, once down to the very smallest of scales, can cause problems.

Attempting to impose order upon chaos is a human trait, of course, although one would take issue with that statement when seeing the mess that is my “office”, and even the most ordered of things to our eyes – the constellations, for example – are constantly shifting and moving.

I have often wondered if my creative life is in fact all about some attempt to place chaotic elements into order – words, notes, harmonic progressions – and thereby to create some kind of pleasure or at least trigger some kind of intellectual curiosity.  Somehow I can never get away from that thought, that control over the uncontrollable is what it is all about.