I’ve been involved in some great music making over the past few days – a Biber Mass here, a St. John Passion there, the Parliament Choir’s Belshazzar’s Feast really starting to come into focus.  I have even managed to put a few of my own notes on paper, enjoyed the experience as well.

At the risk of sounding yet again like a stuck record, it is to Bach that I always return, and I find new things to interest me in the Passion each year that I perform it.  Every now and again there is a note I cannot quite explain, and I think and think and think about it until either I can work out what Bach is up to or I just have to accept that I will never get into his head.

My version of This Joyful Eastertide will be performed at Mary Abbots on Easter Day as well, another outing for this piece that I wrote after a throwaway remark by one of the singers there, but which led to many other things.  That piece, short and unimportant in isolation, is what I think of when I need to be reminded that every bit of effort counts.

After Easter, however, things are going to be tough, my thoroughly enjoyable playing in beautiful Puycelsi needing to be tucked into the middle of trying to find out what on earth the notary has been doing to my father’s estate (probably nothing).  At least I will have my brother with me and games will be played, but it all feels like a shadow on the horizon.

Having said that, all things get sorted in the end, however nebulous they may appear in the midst of things.  Work in progress.