I am enjoying my writing at the moment, verbal and musical, despite the pressures of having to deal with life and the various things it throws into the direction of travel.  At some point in the next couple of weeks I think I shall sit down and map out the next few years, ask myself where I would like to be by the time I hit five-oh.

Whether I like it or not things are going to change in the next five years or so.  Certainly one colleague will retire, at which point I will have to decide whether to stay in my own post, move up to his, replace that work with something else or focus my efforts elsewhere.  I have always maintained that if you don’t have a plan you don’t have a prayer, and have been well served by hoping for the best yet planning for the worst.

Even now I would like to have more time for writing.  The move out of London has certainly been a solid one for many reasons, and there was less of a professional upheaval than I had feared, even if the M3 remains in a state of upgrading two and a half years on.

My days still tend to be different one from the other, though, and that can present severe difficulties for any aspirations to a set routine.  There are times when I come close, but they always seem to fade away slowly and imperceptibly until, some weeks later, I suddenly realise that I have lost a little of that focus.

As I have written many times, even in those wayward periods it is important to get something done every day, even as little as a motivic fragment or a couple of rhythms, something to keep the wheels spinning so that you can get moving as soon as those wheels touch the road.